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    Blank worksheets

    Looks like you’ve hidden all the rows. Try unhiding them from Format on the Home ribbon....

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    Mirror master sheet.

    Being on OneDrive does not preclude VBA. It’s where the files are going to be opened that matters. In the browser version or mobile apps, VBA will...

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    Mirror master sheet.

    I have a master work sheet with thousands of records about 15 columns per record, one of the fields is a date column. I want have separate worksheets...

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    Nick Burns

    Combining Data from multiple rows and columns

    Going through looking for past unanswered "challenges"
    Done with the UI

        Source = Excel.CurrentWorkbook(){[Name="Table1"]}[Content],

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    Blank worksheets

    I have been developing vba code to produce an attendance register for a 600 member organisation.

    My workbook has six worksheets:

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