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    COACHED: Excel Fundamentals Boot Camp

    Excel Fundamentals Boot Camp

    Course Description

    In the Fundamentals Boot Camp, you will begin with a review core skills for the Excel analyst. This section is geared to teach critical skills to less experienced users and review those skills for intermediate users. We’ll start with basic formulas, reviewing absolute ...

    Master Your Data with Excel and Power BI

    If you are struggling to clean up your data in Excel or Power BI, or spending time performing repetitive data cleanup on a regular basis, you owe it to yourself to ...

    Microsoft Excel - Power Pivot


    Are you ready to turbocharge your PivotTables? Power Pivot is a free Excel add in that allows you to perform powerhouse data analysis and modeling to make intelligent business decisions.

    This Power Pivot online training, which Ken Puls has developed with a company called GoSkills, will help you step up your game and take your skills to new heights.

    If you aren't familiar with this amazing tool, here are four reasons you will want to learn Power Pivot:

    1. Power Pivot makes analysis easy. You can output data visually to

    Microsoft Excel - Power Query


    So you’ve impressed your coworkers with your encyclopedic memory of formulae, become a Pivot pro, and started working IF statements into regular conversation. Now what? We say, Power Query. In a world where data is king, you should know how to work with and understand it – and this tool helps you do just that.

    In this Power Query online course Ken Puls has designed and built with a company GoSkills, you will learn the BI (Business Intelligence) process of importing data, appending and merging tables, conditional logic, data transformation, and organization. The course starts with the basics of Power Query, and works its way up. This means that you’ll be a pro in no time, even if you’re a beginner with the tool. ...

    ON-DEMAND: Excel Dashboards


    Take your Excel skills to a whole new level by learning how to build dynamic Excel dashboards to show off your data. Ken Puls has worked with a company called GoSkills to help design and build and online course that will teach you the data visualization skills ...

    ON-DEMAND: Dimensional Modeling for the Excel and Power BI Pro

    Dimensional Modeling for the Excel and Power BI Pro


    What is Dimensional Modeling and why should you care?
    The classic Excel PivotTable did a great job of letting us quickly pivot and slice data for years. There was a ton of logic built into the tool in order to make it easy for end users, but that ease of use had a cost: it didn’t scale to multiple data source tables. And worse, it actually kept you from learning the terms to scale your own knowledge. ...

    Monkey Tools Add-in

    Monkey Tools is an Excel add-in containing a set of tools to help you build better data models more quickly and using data modelling best ...

    COACHED: Self Service BI Boot Camp

    Self Service BI Boot Camp

    Course Description

    Prepare to change your company’s reporting game forever! We know that data is not usually stored in nicely curated databases and often – even when it is – the data analyst doesn’t have access to it. Instead, we must piece together data provided in text files, Excel files, ...

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    Whether you are looking to build a brand new solution, or need to fine-tune or update an existing one, the team of experts here at Excelguru has got your back! We offer both consulting and mentoring services to help you with your Excel, VBA, Power Pivot, Power Query, and Power BI needs. For smaller Excel jobs (those that will take four hours or less), we partner with Excel Rescue.

    Not sure if why you would want to hire an Excel expert, or can justify the cost? The real question to ask yourself is, "How much do you spend on repetitive tasks?" Read Ken's article on ...
    by Published on 2018-07-10 12:20 AM

    Installing Power Query
    The Power Query add-on is installed by default in Excel 2016 and can be found in the Get & Transform section of the Data tab. However, for Excel 2010 and 2013, the add-on needs to be downloaded and installed. You can download the most recent version from the Microsoft site.

    There are three things you should know about this download package:

    1. It takes admin rights to install.
    2. You need to get the correct version: 32bit (x86) or 64bit (x64). This MUST match your


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    Intellectual Property Rights ...

    Magic Tricks for Data Wizards:
    Tips & Tricks for Power Query in Excel and Power BI

    In the online Power Query courses that we deliver as part of our Skillwave Training platform, ...

    DIY BI eBook Series:
    Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Building Your Own BI Solutions

    This free eBook series is available to our Excelguru email newsletter subscribers. Each book contains five of our favourite tips, tricks, and techniques, with one book each for Excel, Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power ...

    Power BI


    Make your data come to life with beautiful, interactive reports in Power BI. Ken Puls has worked with a company called GoSkills to help design and build an introductory course which is offered in an online format.

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    ON-DEMAND: Microsoft Excel - Advanced


    Have some experience with Excel and want to improve your skills, or taken our Basic Excel course? This online course Ken Puls has built with GoSkills will help you learn intermediate and advanced Excel techniques.

    Supports Excel for Windows 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Microsoft 365. Also available: Excel Advanced for Mac.

    In 28 engaging lessons ...

    ON-DEMAND: Microsoft Excel - Macros & VBA


    Learn to automate your most repetitive tasks at the push of a button with Excel macros and VBA. In this online course that Ken Puls designed and built with a company called GoSkills, ...

    ON-DEMAND: Microsoft Excel - PivotTables


    New to Pivot Tables or want to get more out of them? Ken Puls worked with a company called GoSkills to design and build this online course to give you a solid understanding of Pivot Tables, taking you from novice to ninja!

    Pivot Tables are a powerful tool within Excel that can be used to analyze, sort, filter and present data in an understandable way. ...

    ON-DEMAND: Microsoft Excel - Basic


    New to Excel or need a refresher? Ken Puls has worked with a company called GoSkills to design and build a targeted Excel course which is offered in an online format.

    This online course is designed to give you a solid foundation in the basics of Excel.

    Supports Excel for Windows 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Microsoft 365. Also available: Excel ...
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