Hello. I'm trying to create a formula in excel that will make A1 change into C1 only if E1 is True.
If E1 is false, I need the cell in A1 to remain as is.
(I'm trying to get this to happen without adding another column with the same values as originally located in column A).
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You <3

U 77 B 2402 TRUE
EX: The above "U" should change into the "B" because it is marked as "TRUE"

B 72 C 2264 FALSE
EX: The above "B" should remain the same ("B") as it is marked "FALSE".

This is the data that I'm working with:
B 12 B 216 FALSE
B 13 B 308 TRUE
B 14 B 434 FALSE
B 38 B 1061 TRUE
M 39 B 1126 FALSE
U 77 B 2402 TRUE
B 78 B 2414 FALSE
B 118 B 3477 FALSE
U 119 B 3492 TRUE
B 124 B 3631 FALSE
U 151 B 4483 TRUE
M 152 B 4515 FALSE
M 162 B 4769 FALSE
U 163 B 4784 TRUE
B 164 B 4825 FALSE