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Thread: Return MAX result for specific criteria for multiple values

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    Return MAX result for specific criteria for multiple values

    I would like to be able to return the latest dates (Column D) from a criteria that has multiple results . I need to do this for 8-9000 lines every day. I have tried doing this with Array formula, but it only give me the result from the cell that I dragged it from.

    Has anyone got any idea's for a formula that I could put in Column E that would check all of the cells in column A against the row the formula it is in and then return the max value of the matching criteria.

    Appreciate all the help and apologies for not making my request clearer
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    We would very much like to help you with your query, however it has been brought to our attention that the same query has been posted on one or more other forums and you have not provided the required cross-post link(s) here.

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