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Thread: Custom and Dynamic Printing Area

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    Custom and Dynamic Printing Area

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    I need a custom dynamic way (May be VBA) to print my excel file. In the attachment, I attached a file where you will find three section header, body and footer. I can define header defining range but font know how to define footer from range. Also, In the body section, the row number is not always fixed. It depends how many HS code is entered. You will find the HS Code column. Sometimes I will enter 5 HS code and sometimes 25 whatever. But I need only to print rows where HS code entered only. So the table need to be dynamic.

    If I say it simple then, I need

    1. A fixed Header(Using Data Range)
    2. Dynamic Table(Where rows need to be depend on HS code column)
    3. A fixed Footer(Using Data Range)

    Thanks in advance,
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