1- 3/5/2019 is a known date, it could be any date that we already know from the other schedule as it is rotating and repeating

2- The 6/05/2019 it's the date i want to know what schedule the worker does on the other company (i want to know from 6 to 12)

3- no i want excell to tell me what the worker does on the other company

4- in this case is 3 days and take me 5 min to see what is the schedule, but imagine that is 3 months, os 5 weeks from the last day that i know.

5- If i know what time he is off the other company i can plan a shift for him

6 -The cell's from subject 2 should be popullated with the schedule he is working on the other company and i would manually put his shift on mine, or at least with the hours he is not working there

7 - If he is F i can plan a schedule anytime a day but if he's in a schedule imagine from 16:00 to 00:00 i can only put him working at lunch (12:00-15:00)

If this was in programing, probably i would create a matrix and fixate a day like 3/5/2019 as a starting point and calculate the days between the start date and the date i want to know and run in the matrix to see what type of schedule it returns.
In excel i dont know how to do this.