Hi All, I am fairly new to excel. I have taken on a project and need a little help.

I have created 2 cover sheet that are filled in weekly with data, printed and then filled in according to the next employees weekly data. It contains drop-downs, shipment info and several formulas to do the calculations. I have figured out how to use the IF AND statement to move the data I need to other sheet(s) within the same workbook). When I go to enter the next weeks data the info from the previous week changes. Is there a way to keep the data on the 2nd sheet when I input the next weeks data?

Here is a summary of what I have:
Sheet 1:
Weekending dates are in cells E19 and S19
Names are in D25 and R25 (these are drop-downs)
Totals are in L49 and Z49

Sheet 2
I have created 3 columns for each employee

  • Weekending
  • Total
  • Holiday pay

I use an IF AND statement to bring the data into Sheet 2 and it works fine, but when I go to input the next weeks data on the cover sheet the 2nd sheet does not have the old data there.

How can I get the data to stay in Sheet 2 when reusing sheet one for each different employee and different Weekending dates? Or is this possible?

Sorry if this is a lot to understand.

Hope someone can help me.

Using excel 2016 saving as macro-enabled (needs to be opened on a 2003 version)/Windows