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Thread: Can I Paste One Line of Text into Multiple Cells?

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    Can I Paste One Line of Text into Multiple Cells?

    Hello, everyone, I'm using Office 365, so I'm assuming I have the most current version of Excel that's available.

    I have a question about pasting text into multiple columns' cells. This might sound like the pinnacle of laziness, but it really will help streamline my data entry.

    My movie inventory spreadsheet contains five adjacent columns for actors. If I need to enter only one or two names, I usually just type the names in the columns. But if I need to enter names into all five actors' columns, then I copy the names from IMDB into Notepad. Then, I paste the names into the columns, one by one, selecting them individually.

    (The reason I use Notepad as the middle man here is to avoid having to use the format painter. If I accidentally click an actor's name, or director's name, or movie's name when using the format painter, it opens up IMDB to that name. This slows me down, so by using plain ASCII text via Notepad, I avoid this.)

    What I want to do, if possible, is find a way to select all of the names in Notepad, select the cells in Excel, and paste the names into those cells, all at once, in one fell swoop, as it's called.

    Is this possible? If it is possible, what's the procedure, please? My guess is if it is possible, I'd have to have one line of text, separated by delimiters. Am I right?
    Thank you! Jack D.
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