Hello all,

I'm no Excel master obviously. I have a warehouse that some employees scan in a file items that I need to buy to replenish our shelves.

We do have a inventory software but for some reason it can't do exactly what we need it to. So my items are removed from my inventory only when it is sold. Not picked. And I can use the min /max option. Hence the need for my excel file.

In my file I have the part number and quantity on the shelf.

I was given access to the SQL database (read only). So with that I can get all the information I need. Min/max, description, last perchanced price, supplier etc. (all of the info are gathered with vlookup)

All that info comes from 3 different tables. In all its a little more then 500k lines.

Is it possible to have Excel look in the tables with the connection without having a "copy" of what is in the tables in my excel document? Or do I need to have a separate excel document with all the tables. But what if an other user would like to "connect" to that file with all the info. I tried to have the file saved on my cloud. But that slowed down everything.

Any ideas, suggestions?

Thank you

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