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Thread: formulas to return specific info from pivot table

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    formulas to return specific info from pivot table

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    this pivot table is based on members who have posted in my music group per the music theme. I still have about 100 themes to add to the database and will also have more members to add to it who will have posted songs. Then i will update the pivot table accordingly, so the table is going to grow vertically and horizontally substantially and as i add the additional info, i need the following information to automatically change to reflect that.

    I am using Excel 2010. Not sure if this is applicable, but if it is, i am NOT interested in using the Slicer.

    On Sheet 1, at the bottom of the pivot table and off to the side are MAX formulas. Based on the max number of posts in each column, i need to know:
    1. whose name pertains to that max number
    2. also what theme that max number is.

    Next, i need to know which member has the highest number of posts in the entire pivot table and what theme the highest number of posts pertains to (cell addresses B33 and B34)

    then in Column V, i need to know what member received the highest number of posts and that theme that highest post is under.

    i show examples of what some answers should be in red.

    max formulas needed.xlsx

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    Try this in V4 copied down:


    or this:

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