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Thread: Linking pivot tables

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    Linking pivot tables

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    I have 9 pivot tables in Excel 2010 that all have the same field lists just different views of the data.

    Currently for each one, i have to go into Change Data Source to update each one. Excel 2007 had a feature in the Pivot table Wizard ( i do believe) where i could link the tables. When one is updated they ALL update.

    Obviously in 2010, this does not exist and i really need it to.

    I don't know how to use the slicer and not sure if that will answer my issue anyway.

    also, i tried copying a pivot table and pasting as Paste Link but then the field list was not attached to it nor are any of the Pivot table options in the Ribbon.

    How can i tie all of these tables together so when i update the first one, they all update?

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    What happens when you update the data source and click on the refresh button? Does that not update each of the pivot tables? What am I missing here. Perhaps you should upload your workbook for analysis. Be sure to sanitize it for confidential data.

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