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Thread: Excel Printing - Printing new input data on the same sheet

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    Excel Printing - Printing new input data on the same sheet

    My Dear Excel Friends,
    I have a an excel table with over 10 columns and 31 rows (each row represents each day). Now, the entry passed on the second day needs to be printed on the same sheet as printed for the first entry. Why? Well a supervisor signs-off the first entry. He wouldn't sign the first entry again. It would be absurd and impractical.
    I tried to print a selection, range of cells and particular row only etc. However, each time the cells are printed as the first line.
    How do I get excel to print only what I have entered new for the day in the exact position of that day on the same sheet of paper? Hope I am clear with my requirement.
    I am decent at VBA. So, if there is no viable usual route, please do guide me via the VBA route.
    Thanks in advance for your expert advise.


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    I may not understand what your problem is but hear is an idea based on what i think i do understand. maybe you can make a column where you flag a day if has been signed off on previously, that way you can just print your selection have the supervisor only sign the new day and you have a column that shows that the previous day has been signed off already.

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    Thanks. Your idea is welcome and provides me another perspective. However, I got this sorted out in another way. Since, selection printing always prints from top-left corner of the page, that method would over-print on the page. So, printing a range via print area method is the only way to get the position right. What I implemented in addtion is to program a print button such that the fonts of the non-required rows are whitened. So, the print comes out only on the new inputted row at the exact position on the page. Everything is then reversed back to normal after the print. It works like a charm now.

    Thanks again.

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