Hello and thanks for looking.
I am by no means an excel expert, so hoping I can get some direction here.

I have a list of "Contacts" in one sheet with contact information for specific resources. This list includes all known resources available.
Name | position | company | location | contact phone 1 | contact phone 2 | contact phone 3 | email | role

There is another contacts list on another sheet called "Comms". This list is to capture the assigned resources for any given weekends work and is sent out to the selected individuals in a comms plan.

I want to be able to select a resource in the Comms sheet from a lookup drop-down (source is the Contacts sheet) and have it populate the other details associated with the name in the same row.
Name | position | company | contact phone 1 | location | email

The reason is that the resources change all the time for each weekend and I want to be able to just pick a name from a drop down and have it display the contact details for that resource.

Hope that makes sense?