We are a construction company and are looking for a specific set up. I've shared my folder on dropbox and will reference the files that I have shared.

Our estimators use a sheet called "AAA Blank Job Sheet" when working up the estimate. They leave the "Job No." field blank and save it as the job name. We want to keep each job as its own file within the folder in case changes need to be made.

Now lets say the job was awarded to us. The accounting department gives it a job name. Once the job name is assigned I would like to open the job sheet and enter that newly assigned number in the "Job No." cell, then have all the information from that job sheet exported to a blank row in the "AAA job List.xlsm" workbook.

This way each actual hanging file in the file drawers of our office will have a copy of that jobs specific "Job Sheet" inside. Then the "AAA Job List" file can be distributed to the guys in the field and the plant so they know the pertinent information of each job.