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Thread: Filtering data with a dummy table

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    Filtering data with a dummy table

    I’ll get straight to the point.
    Using fields from a form I created a dummy query thatprovides 4 values in a single record. These values change all the time depending on what the user wants at any given moment, and these values are used to impact a growing number of queries’ filters. The goal was to reference oneor more columns from this dummy query to filter out my data, but I get the error “Query input must contain at least one table or query” when I attempt touse this query.

    Here's the example:

    Dummy Query created from Form values

    Month Location EquipType
    1/1/2019 CA A

    Data table

    Month Location EquipmentType Comment
    1/1/2019 CA A ADASD
    1/1/2019 CA B aASDASD

    So in this example, when I run the query that references both the main table, and the dummy query, it would pull the first record but not the second one.
    I took a basics of SQL class recently and so I tried to do it by inserting a SELECT statement into the WHERE clause, and I even tried to join the query and table together, but this is the error that I receive.

    For additional context, I tried to create a query to the query where it only provided the data from the dummy query and received the same result.
    I can't provide the SQL because it's not available on this computer, but it's basically just "SELECT a, b, c, from tableName WHERE c IN(SELECT c FROM dummyQryName)"

    Thank you for your time,
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