I have a series of reports that connect to our companies SQL database, and my reports pull dozens of columns ( a couple of reports have over 150 fields).

Our new Database manager has decided that the Db needs a spring clean, which means aligning naming conventions, removing superfluous fields (there are more than a few) etc.

Now this is all great, except that the Db Manager doesn't seem to think its necessary to warn me of the changes he is making in any detail - the mail usually just reads 'made some changes last night, good luck'

What this means is that when i go to run my queries i start getting errors stating a field is missing... i clear it, and then run the query... and am told another field is missing... etc. etc.

The issue is that these only present themselves one at a time as excel encounters them... can any one suggest a way if possible of listing all the issues in one go?

I am using Excel 2016, so wont be using bleeding edge Office 365 releases, which for all i know may have tools to deal with this, including highlighting errors in the advanced editor... i wish!

Any way thanks for any advice or pointers you can give.