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Thread: Formatted Print of Multiple Worksheets

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    Formatted Print of Multiple Worksheets

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have been struggling to resolve an issue for some time. I have data from 3 separate worksheets that I need to streamline a printing process for. I would like to be able to print in some simple way, data from all 3 worksheets and have the end result of 1 page of horizontal data and 1 page of vertical data. This printing happens hundreds of times per day and simplifying the process is crucial.

    I have attached a mock up of the spreadsheet I am using. There are 4 worksheets some portions of which I want to include in the print. The last tab (worksheet) is only there to show how I would want the printing formatted, 1 page horizontal of data, and 1 page vertical of additional data.

    I have tried using the camera and while this works the printed product does not meet the original standard I need. I assume there is a way to do it from a printing perspective instead but I cant figure it out.

    Help please!!


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    Hi and welcome
    Please,do not crosspost your question on multiple forums without including links here to the other threads on other forums.

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    Read this to understand why we ask you to do this, and then please edit your first post to include links to any and all cross-posts in any other forums (not just this site).
    If you have fewer than 10 posts here, you will not be able to post a link, but you must still tell us where else you have asked the question

    Do not post any further responses in this thread until a link has been provided to these cross posts.
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