GOAL: Create SharePoint-mounted Excel dashboard of live SharePoint List data without third-party apps or custom coding.

ATTEMPT: Found blog on potential method through SharePoint IQY files and Excel Business View Web Part
  • Export SharePoint List to IQY file
  • Create Pivot Table and Chart connected directly back to the original SP List connection via "owssvr"
  • Load new excel doc to SP document library
  • Load excel onto SP page view via Web Part - Business Data, Excel Web Access

LEADUP: Attempts to "Refresh Connection" produced error based on "The following connections failed to refresh:"

ACTUAL PROBLEM: Refreshing produces incorrect data source name

  • Original data source: owssvr
  • Error on First Refresh: owssvr1
  • Error on Second Refresh: owssvr2

Every attempt to refresh changes the original connection name which, obviously is the WRONG connection name.

Why does this happen and how can I refresh only to the correct connection?