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Thread: Last task clicked/last activity completed report

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    Last task clicked/last activity completed report

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    I am managing a large scale project (700 active projects and growing) and am trying to give a cross functional team (approx 70 people) a snapshot of where each of their project sits currently in the timeline as well as performance progress by role (i.e. is one group performing their activities on time or are they consistently late). Each project has 16 activities. I have the following data:
    Project Name
    Project status
    Activity sequence
    Activity Name
    Activity status (not started, completed)
    Proposed Start Date
    Actual Activity End Date
    Proposed Activity End Date

    Is there a way to indicate on a pivot table (or some other nice view) what the last activity completed was in a project? My current pivot table uses the count of activity status (complete only) as the values in the pivot table, but it's messy to read.

    Oh ya, and I have Excel 2007 (not my choice, but I have to work with what I've got!)



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    Suggest you upload a sample workbook showing a before and after scenario. Make sure you have enough representative data to demonstrate your issue and resolution. Mock up your solution manually so that we can replicate it properly.

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