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Thread: Mirroring multiple sheets - consolidated table

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    Mirroring multiple sheets - consolidated table

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    I'm managing a Work plan in an Excel file, with separate sheets per the product segmentation.
    I was asked to also present a consolidated sheet displaying all activities so that the overall activities would be presented from older to newer due dates.

    I first converted the data into Table and then I used 'Data--> From other Sources --> From Microsoft Query'
    I repeated it for the various product-specific sheets.
    I have 2 main problems with the result and for which i'm looking for your support:
    1. The Header row ( I have the same header for all separate sheets)for each of the Tables I created in the separate Sheets appear multiple times.
      I tried hiding these rows but if the source data is updated and new rows are added, the 'hide' simply applies for a different row and not the header row.
    2. When I sort the data from Oldest to Newest it applies only to each table separately and doesn't sort the entire workbook.

    I'd really appreciate a solution as I couldn't find one in various forums/google.


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    I wonder if you might have greater success with Power Query to consolidate the sheets and then get the desired results.

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