Hi All,

I'm looking to create a pivot table (or hell, I'll take a straight spreadsheet formula) that utilizes sumproducts, or a variation formula of, that will allow me to filter out data and automatically update my sumproduct to exclude the filtered data. In the chart below, to get the data I need [which, the main detail I need is C5 which would have the calculation of sumproduct(B1:B4,C1:C4)/B5 ] I would want to be able to filter out Product Y and get an updated weighted average based on the remaining data.

I have the below formula, which works fine when it comes to a straight total( for example, in the chart I provided the reviews come to a total of 20941) however this doesn't work for the data I need when a sumproduct is in play (such as the 88.99)

Any direction that can be provided would definitely be appreciated.

Product (A) Reviews (B) Feedback (C)
1. W 1891 85.43
2. X 4730 88.25
3. Y 6876 89.09
4. Z 7444 90.27
20941 (TOTAL) 88.99 (Sumproduct)