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Thread: Problems with downloaded .csv - matrix sum problems

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    Problems with downloaded .csv - matrix sum problems

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    I have performed a study using qualtrics, collected all the results but realized after I had started that I needed some data I hadn't downloaded in the first place. So I downloaded the data from qualtrics in .csv-file, opened it in excel and was to merge the matrix from my previously downloaded data (in which I have had no problems in excel) and the new data-file. I figured the easiest way was to have the two matrix' in its own sheet and have a third sheet where I use a simple =matrix1A1+matrix2A2-formula. But when I do so I get #value! in the sum matrix.
    I have tried a lot of different options:

    • Formating the data as numbers
    • =if(istext(A1);"";A1) and =if(istext(A1);0;A1)
    • Paste special
    • And so on

    I attached the file here so a helpful soul can have a look at the problem.
    Thanks for any tips available!

    Matrix sum problems.xlsxMatrix sum problems.xlsx

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    Hi and welcome
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