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Thread: Repeat data string after changing year

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    Repeat data string after changing year

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    Hello Folks, I'm facing this new problem:
    In the added example I got a year, an array with numbers from 1-35 and corresponding shifts, now the days start to count from 1 till 35 and then restart from 1, displaying the shifts, this goes from 1 januari till 31 december of that year, but when the last shift of that year is for example 31, then I need to be the first shift of the next year to become 32...if I just link them like I did in the example, I got a circular reference.
    Is there a way to do this without VBA or programming, just using the formules? and if not, how could I solve this?

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    It's generally best to use a date for doing calendar calculations. Give this a try.

    taedo 2012-06-24.xls


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