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Thread: Filter List Data based on Selection

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    Filter List Data based on Selection

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    Hi There,

    I am perfectly happy using the Data Validation function to create a drop down list however what I would like to do is have two drop downs and have the content of the second list dependent upon the first.


    I have three manufacturers of Ice Cream and each manufacturer has three different flavours. Not all manufacturers have the same flavours though.

    Could I set up a spreadsheet so that I select the Manufacturer name in the first box and then the second drop down only displays the flavours which that manufacturer makes? I guess I have to do some sort of filtering of the validation sort data but I am not sure how I could do that. I dont know any VB.

    Thank you


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    Hi Rich...

    A way without using VBA is included in the attached sample file. The sample includes two data validation dropdows, the first for selecting a
    country and the second for selecting a city of that country. Each country is defined as a named range as well as the country list. The first
    data validation list refers to the countries and the second uses the formula =INDIRECT($B$16) where B16 is the first validation list.

    Hope this helps.

    Regards :-)
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    You can do it also using the IF function to select the list that you want according the first text that you select.
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