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Thread: Sumifs/Index/Match/Indirect Combo Formula

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    Sumifs/Index/Match/Indirect Combo Formula

    Please see attached file with more notes - for example of much much larger data set that is very complicated in design. The idea is to create a monthly sum - for a dynamic set of 3 months - that will sum the correctly matched column for just the dates that fall in the month/year (driven from another sheet) and product matchup for that record.
    i.e for the row highlighted red; the lookup/match is to the BRIST worksheet (dynamic sheet name based on column I), for the months of, in this case, Oct/Nov/Dec, sum day values up by month the values where the column headers in Columns BY:CB match the value in Col H of the orig worksheet. Is this even possible? I've been trying various iterations of sumif/sumproduct/index/match/indirect... with no success. Am in a new job at a new company and this is my first project so any help is greatly appreciated.
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