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Thread: IF Function Formula

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    IF Function Formula

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    I have an IF Function Formula that will place in predetermined text into a cell based upon some parameters made in column C. Is there a way for the text to have multiple statements if column C has multiple letters? Right now only D,E,F,G or H can be entered....if two letters are entered into column C...even with a comma, nothing will display in the cell with the formula.

    =IF(C2="D","Account Requiring Assist Code Adjustment",IF(C2="E","Adjust Source Code,"IF(C2="F","Adjust LM Counselor",IF(C2="G","Adjust Plan Type",IF(C2="H","Email Assigned Host or Negotiator","")))))

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    You could use a vlookup to accomplish this.
    use this formula instead of what you have.

    this will look for the value in C2 from the sheet named table, and the range a1:b5.
    so table would look like
    columnA, columnB
    D, Account Requiring Assist Code Adjustment
    Adjust Source Code

    the problem you will have with this method. is to get all of the scenarios you could have if you want to be able to have all 5 letters in the same cell would be 5^5 possibilities so your table is very large 3125 lines. And the letters would have to be entered exactly as they show in your table, no spaces or commas unless you put it that way in your table.

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    Not sure if this is what you are looking for but give it a try and see. I'm assuming you are still wanting to use D,E,F,G,H as your Cell input. This formula would allow you to enter more than the single letter. For example you could enter Da1-2 in C2 and the formula will still display correctly.

    Do keep in mind your Cell input has to begin with your base input letters D,E,F,G,H

    =IF(LEFT(C2,1)="D","Account Requiring Assist Code Adjustment",IF(LEFT(C2,1)="E","Adjust Source Code",IF(LEFT(C2,1)="F","Adjust LM Counselor",IF(LEFT(C2,1)="G","Adjust Plan Type",IF(LEFT(C2,1)="H","Email Assigned Host or Negotiator","")))))

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    =IF(len(C2)>1,"",=CHOOSE(CODE(C2)-67,"Account Requiring Assist Code Adjustment","Adjust Source Code","Adjust LM Counselor","Adjust Plan Type","Email Assigned Host or Negotiator",""))
    Supposing letter is always entered in Uppercase

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