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Thread: Excel Table with IF & Vlookup function Formula Config

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    Hi! Our study would like to track all bills that were re-filed by our lawmakers from the previous congress to the present congress.

    Historically, when our lawmakers are re-elected, they just re-file their bills with the exact titles. In order for us to quantify the magnitude or the rate of refiled bills, we would like to look at the exact phrasing or string of titles that were filed in the current congress based on the titles that were recorded in the previous congress.

    Suppose our lawmaker filed a bill "Renaming Santiago School into Dawson School" in the last Congress. When this was signed into law and that lawmaker was reelected, he again re-filed the bill with same title. This is what we are tryoing to

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    Suppose our lawmaker filed a bill with a title "Renaming Santiago School into Dawson School" in the last Congress. When this bill was not signed into law and this lawmaker was again re-elected, he would re-filed this bill with the same title. This is where we are tying to track how many of his bills filed in the current congress were rehashed.

    In many instances, lawmakers file new bills in the present congress, so it is hard for us to track the bills which are considered refiled since our lawmakers file bills more 30 roughly. From these, sometimes there are 10 bills which are rehashed. Our problem is that more than 100 lawmakers get to be re-elected, historically speaking. And we would to look at at least 8 Congresses with more 100 re-elected lawmakers who author more than 30 bills. So it's quite a daunting task. I would like share our excel files if you like.

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    i would be happy to look at your files(s) to see what i might be able to do. I sent you a PM with my email if you don't want to post them on the forum

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    Hi, Tommy! I can't seem to find your PM. I'm using my phone in replying to you. Can you email me so I can email the dataset? Email me at alliage.morales[at] I will wait for your email. Thank you very much!

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