Hello experts,

Kindly request you to help me to find out a solution to the following issue....

I will provide list of values ( for instance 1.25,2.75,3.15,4.55,5.05,6.85,7.15,8.45,9.25,10.15,11.66,12.11,13.25,14.78,15.17 ) and target value ( for instance 10.45 ).

Need an excel routine which will give me combination of values whose sum is equal to the target value or close target value as far as possible ( first preference is to get combination of values close to the target value ( in this case 10.45 ), next preference to get combination of values closer to 99% of target value ( =0.99x10.45 = 10.35 ), then 98% of target value( =0.98x10.45 = 10.24 ), then 98% of target value ( =0.97x10.45 = 10.14 )and so on..)

Thank you in advance