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Thread: Excel 2007 converting values to non-related text

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    Excel 2007 converting values to non-related text

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    Hi, I have been searching all over the internet on help with this and have had no luck.

    My problem is I am trying to convert a number value of let's say "3" to say a specific word. So I don't want "3" to be converted to "three" but rather I would like it to be converted to "quad stretch" for example (I'm writing an exercise program with corrective exercises).

    For each cell a "3" might mean a different stretch or exercise, so if a value of "2" were placed into that same cell it might mean "dorsiflexion stretch" but if "3" is also in that same cell, then "quad stretch" may show up.

    I understand that may mean I would need to use a lot more cells which I have no problem with, so if "3" = cell G6 then that would be fine, then I could just type "quad stretch" into G6 or wherever. This might be really simple, but I am an amateur when it comes to excel problems and there are way too many functions in excel as I have been looking and looking for the correct one and feel like I am going in circles. Please help and thank you!!

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    Sounds like you want a big lookup table and use VLOOKUP against it.

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    EXACTLY what I was looking for! Took a little while to figure out what went where but it was perfect. Thanks!

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