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Thread: Different Functions in One Cell Cancel Each Other Out - How can I fix this?

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    Different Functions in One Cell Cancel Each Other Out - How can I fix this?

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    Hi, I have tried to setup my formulas in so many ways and still cannot get the results. If I move them to different cells they work independently however once I place them together the first cancels the second one out and it does not work. Here is the sample.

    A1 = Initial Date (Manually Entered)
    B1 = Initial Due Date (Calculated via Formula =IF(AND(A1<>"",F1<>""),"",IF(ISNUMBER(A1),(+A1+60),""))
    C1 = Date of Completed Report (Manually Entered)
    D1 = Meeting Due Date = (Calculated via Formula)
    F1 = Transfer Date (not really need for this sample)

    Formula(s) for D1 should state, if user enters a date in A1 then it should calculate B1 plus 30 days. Then if user enters a date in C1, it needs to compare the dates between C1 and B1 and if C1 is less than B1 then it should calculate C1 plus 30 days (in other words if the date of report was completed prior to the due date then a new one needs to be calculated).

    Here is the formula I have now...again, I tried to change it up but this was my last one I tried using and it just gave me a False as a return statement. =IF(ISNUMBER(A1),(+B1+30)&IF(C1<B1,+C1+30,""))

    Please help. Thanks. LJ

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    For D1 try:


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    Thank you so much!

    CheshireCat, the formula you gave me worked like a charm. I thank you for your time. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by CheshireCat View Post
    For D1 try:


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