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Thread: Move row from one sheet to another based on date

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    Move row from one sheet to another based on date

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    Hi, all,

    My knowledge of Excel is at about an intermediate level, and I have very, very minimal exposure to macros. I'm hoping someone will be able to help me with this quandary.

    I'm trying to automatically move rows in the attached workbook from FLOOR to either PD 2018, PD 2017, or PD 2016. Which sheet it is moved to is dependent on the date entered in FLOOR's Column M (Date Paid). If this is too complicated, the rows can just go to PD 2018 instead, and I can just filter by year. Lastly (as if I wasn't demanding enough), if after moving the row to the PD sheets, we need to reverse it, and move it back to FLOOR, would it be possible for it to do so just by deleting the Date Paid?

    My sincerest thanks in advance for any help any of you can provide.
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    You need to make use of the Worksheet_Change event for what you're wanting.
    Tables automatically extend formulas, formatting, etc. and shouldn't have blank records.

    Here's a couple links to sites for dealing with tables.

    See if the attached is what you're after.
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