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Thread: Use Custom Ribbon for all Excel Workbooks

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    Question Use Custom Ribbon for all Excel Workbooks

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    My old workbook with code had a toolbar attached to it that ran the code. I hid the workbook and had it auto load under XLSTART. Only the tool bar was seen and could be used with any workbook that I opened.
    I have created a new workbook with all my code (Macros) in it. I have a Ribbon attached to it that runs the code. Everything works fine; my only problem is, getting the ribbon to work with any workbook loaded. Also if I hide the workbook the ribbon disappears. I have tried loading it under “XLSTART”, as an “add-in” and as a binary file. Is there a way to make the ribbon work with all workbooks and still keep the code workbook hidden?

    Thank you.

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    An addin should do that.

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