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Thread: Customized Cell formatting

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    Question Customized Cell formatting

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    Hi. I've read through the official help pages for cell formatting, got none. Or at least they provided not what i needed.

    I'm looking for some help to format cells in this matter, to minimize the effort of filling in the correct account number format in cells.

    I thought it would be like this according to their own description in help files, and predefined formatting sets
    PHP Code:
    But no luck in that.
    Any advice on the matter?

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    Which format do you want to obtain?
    Thank you Ken for this secure forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pecoflyer View Post
    Which format do you want to obtain?
    I would prefer to get periods between the nr seqeunces: xxxx.xx.xxxxx
    All i get is spaces, not the period.
    It works with spaces for the visual effect. But to separete them with periods with formatting would be better

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    To get


    use the custom format


    Or select the cells and run this code:

    Sub FormatMacro()
    Selection.NumberFormat = "0000\.00\.00000"
    End Sub

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    Thank you, that did the trick

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