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    Problem with a Formula

    Hello , i m sending you a test XLS file.
    there are 2 Sheets , all sales and monthly summary

    In the monthly summary i want to make a sum of all Incomes / Outcome from ALL SALES for every month BUT
    i want to put a big range of CELLS cause the XLS file isnt yet filled for all the months of the year

    I tried this formula
    =SUMPRODUCT((MONTH('ALL SALES'!B4:B2000)=1)*('ALL SALES'!J4:J2000))
    but i get a DIV/0

    IF i do it like this
    where 124 are the cells which are filled it works perfectly but i need a big range of cells so i can fill data and the sum is being automatic to sheet 2 ( MONTHLY SUMMARY)

    THX a lot !
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