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Thread: Learning M Code

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    Learning M Code

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    Hi Everyone,

    I just finished up the Data Monkey book and am interested in learning more about M code. I seem to learn this type of stuff best through hands on examples. With that in mind, can anyone point me towards additional learning materials related to this topic? Thank you in advance for your help!



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    Hi Andrew,

    To be very honest with you; I think you've just come through one of the best PQ resources there is. The Data Monkey book is excellent and covers many aspects of the tool and the m-code. Besides this book that can act as a great reference aid, the best places to peruse are the blogs and forums. The reason I say this is because PQ is constantly being updated with new features so the info you get on the blogs and forums is always relevant and current.

    For starters, you can;


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    Hi Rudi,

    Thank you for you thoughts. Some of these videos look neat, I plan on watching a few of them. You are spot on about the data monkey book being a valuable reference tool. I would not have solved my first M code problem without it.



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