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    S s m t w t f

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    While I'm here can I ask a quick question?

    I want to show dates as S S M T W T F - i.e. single characters for days of the week, but there doesn't seem to be a format that does this. I could do it with a TEXT formula, I suppose but then i won't have dates any more. I have managed it using CF but there must be a better way.

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    The short answer is "No", you can't do it with format.

    One method using a formula is:


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    But as Tony said, TEXTing it means it is no longer a date!

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    Glad I wasn't being completely dumb, then I don't do much in Excel these days and it's so easy to forget things. It wouldn't be hard to have a "DDDDD" format picture like the "MMMMM" one but if it ain't there, it ain't there.

    CF seems so clumsy, but it does work so I'll stick with that.

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