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Thread: simple...somehow...adding a % sysbol

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    simple...somehow...adding a % sysbol

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    hi,there has to be an easy was to do this...all i need to do is figure out how!!

    if a have an excel spreadsheet, with a group of figures, but these are currently expressed as a number, how can I easily add a % symbol to the end of each cell entry without retyping each number first, then adding the symbol??

    please see the example...

    If some of these cells are the result of some type of formatting already, would that matter in this case?

    I have tried to format as a %, but this adds an extra 2 00's to each cell, but besides that problem, this formatting does exactly what i need....another option would be to find out how to delete these extra 2 00's



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    Hi Mark,

    Follow these steps:

    1. In an empty cell, type "100" (without the quotes) and hit enter.

    2. Select/highlight the cell with 100, and use Ctrl+C to copy it.

    3. Select/highlight the cells you want to change to percent, then use "Paste Special > Divide".

    4. Select the "Percent" format, or use Ctrl+Shift+% for the cells (selected in step three).

    5. You should no longer require the 100 (from step one), so it may be deleted.

    Steps one to three gets rid of the extra 00s, then step four sets the format to display the percent % sign.
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    You can use this formula in another cell =F5/100, then you can drag to the right and down. Finally you can put the percentage format to the new table.
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