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Thread: Offering clients cascading discounts as they spend more

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    Offering clients cascading discounts as they spend more

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    I'm trying to get a field which will allow a calculation of a differential discount. So our progressive client discount goes from 10% off to 50% off depending on how much the client purchases of particular stock lines.
    I can calculate a simple 20% discount (IF(AND(F9>=200,F9<=299.99),F9*0.8) but I need the field to have the variable discount as clients are confused if they see too many prices.
    I have tried =SUMIF(IF(AND(F9>=200,F9<=299.99),F9*0.8)),(IF(AND(F9>=300,F9<=399.99),F9*0.7)),(IF(AND(F9>=400,F9<=499.99),F9*0.6)) but it doesn't work.

    Suggestions please.

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