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Thread: Chart Assistance required please

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    Chart Assistance required please

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    Hi there,
    I hope you can assist me with the following query.
    I want to use Excel to graphically illustrate to my bosses how a typical work day is sent.
    My current situation: A quick background to understand my request.
    Our boss owns two companies & I have a handful of tasks I need to complete daily for each.
    Both companies are very demanding & I need a way to capture how my time is spent.
    The easiest way to get my point across would be a % pie chart of my time.

    Essentially I need two pie charts, one showing overall company time.
    The second pie chart will need to show a ďtypeĒ breakdown of what the above % consist of.
    Support, Training, Implementation, Projects etc.

    I imaged the I need flowing & I am just not able to get it right the pie chart right
    Below is a breakdown of the columns I envision I need.

    Time Start Time End Company Task Type Task Description

    As I get tasks I want to assign it to the appropriate company, enter the task type & description.

    I need pie chart one to add all company 1 & company 2 events to illustrate what % of my time is spent on which company.
    Letís say pie chart 1 showed overall I spent 40% of my time on Company A.
    I now want pie chart 2 to show that Company Aís time can now further be analysed & show how much of that time is spent on training, support, projects etc.

    I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

    Kind Regards

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    Hi there, and welcome to the forum. Do you happen to have a table with data in it? If you gave us some data, then we could start you on the path to charting it.

    Personally I'm a bigger fan of bar charts than pie charts, but we can help you build either.

    You can upload a workbook by going into the Advanced options.
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    You can also use line chart to display how your time is spent.Allocation of time of period of days will be better visible in line chart is my view

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