Hi everyone,

I'm looking for Beta Testers for a new addin. It's a combination of my Favourites and Template addins, but rolled up together and updated for use with Excel 2007+. Full details of what the add-in does, and the latest download build can be retrieved from the XLG File Tools Add-in page.

In order to test, you MUST be using Excel 2007 or higher.

To install, go to your Office (2007) or File (2010) menu and go to Options-->Addins-->Go-->Browse and select the addin file (attached). It will add a new File Tools tab, and create a database in the same path that you store the addin. From there, you can use "Manage Favourites" to add favourite files and folders. (And yes, you can also add non-Excel files to your favourites menu).

Beyond that, have a play through the different options and let me know what you think. (Feedback good or bad is appreciated.)