Hi ,

I am new to excel.Please help me to complete this.

The purpose of the file is to record time stamps ( in Pacific time) and provide logs dynamically of any new time stamp that is punched.

There are multiple macro functions that are used in sheet1. Now in sheet 2 what I need is, for any time stamped in sheet 1, I need sheet 2 to record a log for that punch in sequence of the punch.

i.e if i call the macro "jointhebridge" it should record the time the macro was called in, in sheet 2, it should reflect as

Service Desk joined the bridge @ 6:12:32 AM

Similiarly, if I call an other macro ex "partnerresolvedat" in sheet 2, it should make a log as "

External Parner notification resolved @ 6:15:32 AM" in sheet 2 in the next row in sheet 2.


Also I need a pop up message like an remainder to notify if an action is required in less than 10 minutes.

for example to the right I have a ticking clock that shows time left for next update.

I need a pop up message notifying me that "Next SLC update is due in < 10 minuites"
similiarly for "Next Partner Notification due in < 10 minuites"

I need to be able to acknowledge the pop up remainder and once i say OK, I should be able to continue recording my time stamps..

I am new to excel. Please help me. I need to submit the project tommorow.

Thank You all In advance.