Hello All,

I have data which began as a csv file (I don't have access to the original source). After significant modification with PowerQuery (thank you Ken Puls for that) I have the data shaped the way I need it and have loaded it into the data model in PowerPivot. The problem is, I now need to get the data back out into a new csv file. Clearly PowerPivot does not have an export to csv option, so I downloaded and installed DAX Studio to handle this. This works well for small sample files (a few million rows); however, my actual data is close to 1 billion rows. When I try to use:

Evaluate (Table Name)

in DAX Studio I get the error:

the server sent an unrecognizable response

and the operation fails. Can anyone help me figure out how to get the data to a csv or text file? This is mission critical for me and I am open to anything VBA, C#, other options, provided that it works. Any help is greatly appreciated.