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Thread: ComboBox Selection

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    ComboBox Selection

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    Hi, the following attachment is my workbook on which i am working on. The code which i have written is not giving the output which i want and it is printing 0. I know for a list of variables to be entered in the listbox i should use some other function other than VLookup. But i don't know which one i should use so that it gives me the variables according to the table name which i have mentioned in the drop down box. I hope you could help me with that.
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    Hi riya787...

    you have an error when adding the result to your listbox; please use...
    ListBox1.AddItem val
    Regards :-)

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    Hey thanks it worked. but only one variable is getting displayed, I want all the variables to be displayed.Could you help me with that..

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    Hi riya787...

    as the Worksheet function from VBA works like the Excel LOOKUP() function, I think in this case it would be better to iterate through the entries and add them if the key matches.
    Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()
      Dim lngIndex    As Long
      Dim lngLastRow  As Long
      Dim strValue    As String
    ' With...
      With ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1")
    '   Get some values...
        strValue = ComboBox1.Value
        lngLastRow = .Cells(.Rows.Count, "B").End(xlUp).Row
    '   Check length...
        If Len(strValue) > 0 Then
    '     Clear Listbox...
    '     Loop...
          For lngIndex = 2 To lngLastRow
    '       Check...
            If Not strValue <> .Cells(lngIndex, 1).Value Then
              ListBox1.AddItem .Cells(lngIndex, 2).Value
            End If
          Next lngIndex
        End If
      End With
    End Sub
    PS: if I had understood well your request.

    Regards :-)

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    Hi maninweb. This is how I wanted. Thank You so much for your help

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    Hi,I need your help in the ComboBox selection, I want to select only unique values rather than duplicate values. In the row source i have given the name of the column which should get displayed in the Drop down Box. I don't want to create a another column and give its name in the Rowsource for the ComboBox. Please if you could help me with it.
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    Hi riya787...

    I am not sure, if I had really understood your request, but I attached a file with
    some modifications. Hope this helps.

    Regards :-)
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    Hey, thanks. This is how i wanted it. . And I had two more questions.
    1]Can i load all this information from a different worksheet i.e. the information that i have stored in the excel sheet that is the table and variable information.
    2]can i have macros for each and every function and then can i call them using Application.Run("Macro Name")

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    Hi riya787...

    glad, I could help :-)

    a) Yes, this is possible, you may adapt the sheet name in the With Statement(s) and also the row and column values/indexes, depending where your data is.
    b) It's possible to create globally accessible functions stored in a module, but, is there a specific reason you want to run them per Application.Run?

    Regards :-)

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    Hi, thanks again.....
    There is no specific reason that i want to use Application.Run, Actually in the code when i was giving Call ("Macro Name"), it was not working. So thought of using Application.Run

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