I have an excel sheet with 2 tabs. On the "1st sheet tab" I can choose from a pull down menu an item. In the "A" column a # will appear. This number fills in by and is unique to the "item" chosen from the pull down menu. The pull down menu items and the # returned comes from (referenced from) the "2nd tab" of the work sheet. So each number that appears in Column "A", of the "1st sheet tab", is unique to the selected item. Can I search the row on the "2nd tab" based on the # returned in column "a" on the 1st tab. That is how can I tell excel which row I want it to search through on the 2nd tab, based on the value in the "cell" on "1st sheet tab" (kind of a reverse Row() function). Please see the attached file.

Thanks. Cut List.xls