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Thread: Clean trial balance in powerquery from PDF

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    Clean trial balance in powerquery from PDF

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    Hello: I am trying to use powerquery to export a PDF file and transform it into excel. How can I do that? Is it possible ? Attached is the PDF file that i am trying to covert into excel. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    There are websites that try to take the data out of an PDF and insert it into Excel for you (like smallpdf), but i dont realy think they will help you that much.
    An other way to import i do not know about. So what is left for you, is copy and paste, split by delimiter and you're done.

    I know that this doesn't really help, but maybe there is an other way. Where do you get that data from? Maybe you can grab the data before you make a PDF out of it?

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    HI Kaso: I can get this data in TXT however when upload it into PQ it is extremely messy: everything is lumped in one big column and when I try to split columns by a space , it splits everything including the account names: total chaos . How can insert the txt version of the PDF? . I am sorry: I am fairly new in this forum and I cannot find the icon to upload the TXT file.

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    If you just wanna split it, try split by space on the first left occurrence two times and then the same on the first right.
    That should do the trick

    Try goin to the advanced reply option in order to upload your txt file.

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    Kaso. It worked! Thanks thanks many thanks!! Very clever. Never thought of it. I was split it by a space at each occurrence and of course I was getting like 40 columns and got discourage. Thanks again.!

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