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Thread: Macro for Print to PDF via cell name.

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    Macro for Print to PDF via cell name.

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    Running into a problem here. I need a macro to save as a pdf using the cell A2 as part of the name, so if a2=Hospice of Atlanta the same file would be Hospice of Atlanta Survey.pdf.

    Here is what I have so far. the code keeps failing somewhere and I am not sure why.
    Sub Button279_Click()Dim Wb As Workbook
    Sheets("Site Survey").Copy
    Set Wb = ActiveWorkbook
    s_dir = "C:\dump"
    ActiveWorksheet.SaveAs Filename:="c:\dump" & Range("A2").Value
    Wb.ExportAsFixedFormat _
                Type:=xlTypePDF, _
                Filename:=Mypath, _
                Quality:=xlQualityStandard, _
                IncludeDocProperties:=True, _
                IgnorePrintAreas:=False, _
    Wb.Close False
    ActiveWorkbook.Close False
    MsgBox "Fact Sheet for " & Range("A2") & ".pdf saved in UHSFS2\Common\helpdesk\remote tech Surveys"
    End Sub
    any assistance would be most helpful

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    try changing the activeworksheet to activeworkbook.
    Also it is generally a good idea to check if the file name already exists before saving to it and possibly overwriting data.
    Ken has a good block of code to do this, I believe there is a link to it from the main page. or you can copy it here

    Public Function FileFolderExists(strFullPath As String) As Boolean
    'Author       : Ken Puls (
    'Macro Purpose: Check if a file or folder exists
        On Error GoTo EarlyExit
        If Not Dir(strFullPath, vbDirectory) = vbNullString Then FileFolderExists = True
        On Error GoTo 0
    End Function

    ActiveWorksheet.SaveAs Filename:="c:\dump" & Range("A2").Value
    change to
    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:="c:\dump" & Range("A2").Value

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