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    I did put "Excel skills" on my resume but I may have over sold them a bit...

    I am making a customer feedback survey at my job. The headers are:

    Customer Number
    Overall score (0 - 10) (drop down selection)
    Staff member (drop down selection)

    My boss wants to be able to look up results for a specific staff member, whether this is by all other results disappearing and only one staff member's results being visible. This can be on a separate sheet or on the same one. I know a few excel formulas but I am stuck on how to do this. I am familiar with LOOKUP in terms of looking up how many times a certain value occurs. But I need it to be in a way so all the separate scores/reviews can be viewed for 1 specific member of staff when needed, not how many reviews that member of staff had as that doesnt matter (if that makes sense).

    Sorry for explaining it badly!!

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    If you enter the Staff member in a separate sheet you can use Index/Match



    where Sheet1 is the database sheet, column D contains the Staff members. A2 on the result sheet contains the Staff member you want to look up.

    You can copy this formula across 3 columns to get data from columns A:C of Sheet1.

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    Thanks so much, this really helped. I also found the Filter tool which is a little simpler so I'll see which one works better in practice.

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