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    Calulated field

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    Hi From a Pivot table I have created I am trying to add in a field that show Percentage of calls attended and percentage of calls resolved, i know the formulae which is lowest number/highest number but how do i do this as a calculated field.

    I have toyed with the idea of having 3 colloums 1 to show attended 1 to show attended late then using a calulated field add those two colums together to show total calls attended then create a nother calulated feild showing total calls then work out the percentage from that.

    Hope it make sense

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    As we always point out, it's best to attach a sample workbook.
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    Hope this make more sense

    Trying to create calculated field in pivot table called total attened which looks at from the pivot tables the Pass totals and fail totals and add thems together to give total attended

    Looks at the pass/Risk/Fail coloum and counts everything that shows Pass,Fail

    Tried this but did not work

    =Countif( 'Pass/Risk/Fail'="Pass"

    Also trying to add 3 coloums together using calculated field to add them up to a total in excel it would be =SUM(B33) How to I do this as a calculated field in pivot table the field names are
    Count of Attended on time Count of Attended Late Count of Not attended

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonespandrew View Post

    How to I do this as a calculated field in pivot table the field names are
    If you can't post your pivot table as suggested by AliGW, then anything we can produce would at best be completely unrelated, and quite honestly a waste of time.
    I suggest that you look at some of the on line tutorials that include help with calculated columns in tables.

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    Ok please see attached.

    Im trying to create a pivot table with the sites down one side and then the following colums next to it Total Attended, Total Resolved Total at risk, Total failed and Grand totals as calculated fields hope attached helps.

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    Here is a quick and dirty, not sure it is exactly what you had in mind, let me know and will tweak/overhaul (not clear on total at risk?)

    Input new data as normal on Raw Data sheet (origional Table) and click refresh all to update PVT. Delete pivot table format that you do not require.

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    Had a rush of blood to the head use this one, far less clunkie than test2 above
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