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Thread: Filter out records in a list based on a unique records only filter for one column

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    Filter out records in a list based on a unique records only filter for one column

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    I've got a list of records. One of the columns is called "Item number". I want item numbers to be unique in my list of records. So I want to do a kind of unique record filter on my "Item number" column but I need to other columns to remain in sync (so the correct item name etc is still associated with an item number). Some records are true duplicates and for some an additional column is different as well (as in the example below). I know how to filter the "item number" column to have unique records but I can not do that for the whole list ...

    An example can be found below:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Is it possible to filter the way I want to? If so, how?

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    Hi there,

    Sorry for the late reply here. Can you upload a sample workbook with some mock data in it, rather than a picture? That will let us see what you're really after and test.
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    Hi there,

    One way to do this would be to utilize a helper column with a formula in it. Your formula would concatenate clues from all of the columns in which would act as your primary key (not sure how familiar you are with Access, but it is just like that). So if your columns were (not sure what your columns are exactly)...


    Would give you a value of what is in A2 and append what is in B2, in other words kind of like a poor man's Access table key. Then you can filter on that column for your uniques. The only question you would need to answer is what columns make up a completely unique (primary key).



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