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Thread: Need help for coding in excel with VBA macros, multiple dynamic ranges and offsets

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    Need help for coding in excel with VBA macros, multiple dynamic ranges and offsets

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    hi, first i want to apologize for my bad english.

    i Need help for coding a VBA macros with multiple dynamic ranges and offsets.

    Here is the file exemple in attachements.

    thx for help and time.
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    i will do my best to explain what i want even if my english is bad.

    what i want is finding duplicate value then moving cells to another range.

    for exemple in T1 i have 2 duplicated value , 26 and 14 .
    i delete the value from row 2 and moving the value in row 3 from D3 and F3 to L3 and N3 in T2 then
    in T4 i have the value 26 as duplicate , so i delete the duplicated one in L3 and i move B6 to R6 in T5 .

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    here's a simplified example with color for what i want to do with vba.

    i have the first and principal range with data , A to G (7 column), a second range from I to O (7 column) , third from Q to W (7 column)...

    i use this macro to find duplicate and cut destination .

    lastCol = rngData.Columns.Count
    lastRow = rngData.Rows.Count
    For I = lastRow To 1 Step -1
    For J = lastCol To 1 Step -1
    Set ACell = rngData.Cells(I, J)
    For Each Cell In rngData
    If Cell <> Empty And _
    Cell.Value = ACell.Value And _
    Cell.Address <> ACell.Address Then
    Cell.ClearContents "clear duplicated cells in the first row"
    Acell.cut destination:= Acell.offset(0,8)" move duplicated cells in the last row "
    n = n + 1
    End If
    Next Cell
    Next J
    Next I

    after that i have now two ranges with data , first range (A to G ) and second range from (I to O)."sheet T1"

    now in sheet T2 i have duplicated value.

    what i want is instead of Acell.cut destination:= Acell.offset(0,8) become Acell.cut destination:= Acell.offset(0,16) "sheet T3"

    only if the duplicated value are found in the second range and so on for the third range ...
    Acell.offset(0,8) become Acell.offset(0,16) become Acell.offset(0,32)...
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